5 Rules That will Change Entire IPL 2019

The 12th edition of the IPL is starting today with the kick off match between the defending champions Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings. , right after the IPL 2018 opening ceremony.

Over the last decade, Indian Premier League has become the most successful brand that India ever came across. The quick format of the game is followed with passion by every cricket fan in India and every cricket playing nation.

The heights of the fame that IPL enjoy in India is same as any big European Football league and with IPL stepping onto the next decade, it promises to be even more grand then ever before in terms of player participation, sponsors, viewership and humongous fame.

Apart from that, IPL is a major opportunity for the young players to showcase their talent on the grand platform and send their names directly to the International squad selection committee. To know the details of how to buy IPL 2018 opening ceremony tickets from here: IPL 2018 tickets.

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With the comeback of the fan-favourite Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals after a two year ban, the 11th season of the IPL is highly anticipated and will begin today on April 7 at 8 pm just a little after the Opening ceremony. This year’s IPL 2018 will see some changes, although most of the rules remains the same, but there are some changes in rules and technologies this year introduced by the BCCI and IPL governing body, something that viewers have never experienced before.

List of 5 New Rules & Changes that will happen in IPL 2018:

Dual Jersey.

In the IPL 2018, the two jersey concept is introduced to the IPL teams for home-and-away matches just like in Football. Each team will play 14 matches out of which seven matches will be played at their home stadium and while the other seven will be played at different grounds all over the country. The regular jersey will be used for the home matches while the other jersey will be used for other away fixtures. Royal Challengers Bangalore was the first IPL team to ever use this concept in 2016. RCB has also unveiled their away jersey which is green in colour. At least, 3-4 teams are supposedly using the two jersey concept in the IPL 2018.

Mid-Season Transfer

Yes, teams will be allowed to Transfer their player in the mid-season of the IPL. That means individual players will be able to play for more than one team in a single season, another concept coming straight out of football books. Although, this rule is only applicable for uncapped and overseas players while the Indian capped players are not included. The new rule states that the uncapped players will be available for transfer after the 25th Match. Interested teams then can negotiate the terms and conditions and purchase their desired players. However, only foreign players who have played two or fewer matches will be eligible for the transfer.

Match Timings:

There is also a slight change in the match timings. On the recommendation of the new official broadcasters of the IPL, the second match will start now at 8 pm, while the first match will start at 5:30 pm instead of the previous timing of 4 pm. Some franchises are against the rule and there could be a change in the rule in future.

Virtual Reality Technology:

The advancing technology is about to take the IPL world through a storm with the introduction of the revolutionary Virtual Reality(VR) technology which promises to take cricket to another level. The introduction of VR will enable viewers to feel the real experience of the IPL. The stadium will be installed with the VRT cameras so that viewers at home, offices or any place can experience a stadium like an environment. Just sit back, relax, open Hotstar, put on the VR headset and experience the best cricketing experience.


The DRS (Decision Review System) will be finally introduced in the eleventh edition of the IPL. From the IPL 2018 opening ceremony on April 7, each team will be given one review per innings, the third umpire will be given the access to the ball-tracking as well as the Ultra Edge. The PSL (Pakistan Super League) was the first domestic T20 tournament to use the DRS at 2017 during the playoffs.

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